Lose Weight, Gain Muscle

Triple Burn is the best combination of: 1) Diet 2) Fat-burning nutrition and 3) Exercise.

First, your diet will be cleaned up so you fuel your body with healthy energy-producing, anti-inflammatory foods and remove unhealthy, fat-producing foods. Secondly, you will receive fat-burning nutraceuticals to assist in fatty acid transportation, fatty acid metabolism, blood sugar stabilization which will increase metabolism and detoxification. Thirdly, you will be on an exercise program that will build and tone your muscles and give you the best cardio workout you will ever experience using the Myoride® exercise machine. By improving your muscle tone and cardio-respiratory systems your body will be more efficient at converting stored fat into energy and tone and shape your body.

The triple burn is: diet, nutrition, and exercise. This combination will do more for you than any other weight loss program.

Triple Burn Program Guidelines

This is a six week program. Participants will be given their prescribed nutraceuticals and dosage instructions on the first day. The weekly exercise protocols will begin the first week and will be managed by our certified exercise trainer. The dietary recommendations will occur once per week in weekly emails outlining specific dietary steps to make. At the conclusion of the Triple Burn Weight Loss six week program each participant should have lost weight and gained muscle and will have been provided with guidelines, strategies, and tools to help increase their chances of long-term weight loss.

In the Triple Burn Weight Loss program, each participant receives: doctor supervision, weight loss guidelines, dietary modifications, behavioral modifications, nutritional supplementation, and high intensity interval training cardio exercise.

Before starting, each participant is expected to weigh themselves, take body measurements, and perform as many pushups as possible to obtain baseline metrics. These metrics will be measured again at the conclusion of the program.

During the six-week program, the participant will consume store-bought, home-cooked foods which will be nutrient-dense, low glycemic index and anti-inflammatory. The specifics of the diet will be outlined in the weekly diet program.

The nutraceutical dietary formulas are specifically developed to aid in fatty acid metabolism, suppress hunger and cravings, stabilize blood sugar, and help with detoxification processes.

Hidden metabolic imbalances such as anemia, hypothyroidism, or any other organ-system complications may prohibit potential participants from achieving expected results. Organ or glandular conditions may be intervened and supported by a medical provider. Potential participants may be prohibited from starting the program based on health complications. Medications may interfere with the success of this program.

The Triple Burn Weight Loss program is clinically directed by physicians and certified trainers.

Triple Burn Program details